Please no second sellout

So the opposition is "poised to agree (with state government) on the $2 billion infrastructure tax" that would allow the government to rezone 43,600 ha of Melbourne’s green wedges for suburban development (The Age, 16/4). On the same day, the "Access to senior Libs for sale" report appeared.


Ten months ago, similar reports of ALP fundraising lunches with the Planning Minister and Premier followed the government’s land deal announcement which, if it goes ahead, will destroy the certainty needed for green wedge protection.


Liberal and Green MPs have been stalwart in opposing the tax which would unfairly burden the 3000 green wedge landowners threatened by this proposal. All parties now need to consider the many conservation, farming and lifestyle landowners who don’t want to be pushed off their green wedge land by by rising rates and urban development pressures.


They should also consider the strategic reasons why in 2002 they supported green wedge protection for environmental conservation, sustainable agriculture and food security, landscape and recreation. The lungs of Melbourne are about to suffer a serious, perhaps fatal amputation.


It is time we banned political donations from developers seeking to make profits at the expense of the community’s best interest.


Rosemary West